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2024 English Literature AQA

I’ve been trying to predict themes and characters that may come up in the english lit papers. If anyone else has any better predictions please let me know!

Paper 1:
Macbeth - Supernatural (witches and Banquo’s ghost), Kingship, Revenge, Guilt (in lady Macbeth).
A Christmas Carol - Christmas spirit, Attitudes to poor, Ghosts (Marley and other ghosts), transformation and redemption, isolation.

Paper 2:
An inspector calls - Eva Smith, Mrs Birling, Sheila (?), Inspector Goole, Social responsibility, guilt, socialism/capitalism.
Poems (Power and Conflict) - nature/identity related poems? Exposure, Storm on the island, Checking out me history, some people have said tissue but hopefully not🤞
I’m not as sure on paper 2 though!
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pretty sure that these predictions are correct!

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