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gap year then liverpool or other options?

Hi! I recently heard back from liverpool for vet med and I found out that they have given me a deferred offer for 2025 entry which wasn't my ideal result but I'm sort of coming to terms with doing a gap year because I was really set on going to liverpool.

I also have an offer for the 5 year edinburgh course and the 6 year veterinary gateway at the royal veterinary college london but as I live in south wales edinburgh is quite far for me and I didn't feel too drawn to the uni when I visited and london seems a bit out of my budget but I did really like the university itself. Does anyone have any thoughts? Also my mum seems to be very against the idea of me doing a gap year and is really pushing me to choose one of my other options so I'm second guessing the gap year ahhhh
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For more info, I was planning to work till around december in the gap year then travel for a while which sounds really great as I've always wanted to travel. There's still the chance that I could get 2024 entry from being on the waiting list or I could be offered 2024 on results day for Liverpool but I'm finding it hard to make any choices when it feels like everything is up in the air!

For the gateway course I'm worried I won't enjoy the foundation year and will just see it as a year of spending more money rather than if I did a gap year and saved and I do really like the RVC but would prefer to not live in London for the 3 years if I did gateway so if anyone has any insight or thoughts on gap years before uni/vet med, edinburgh, RVC and RVC gateway I'd appreciate it so much!!

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