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Student health visitor interview

I’ve just been offered an interview by my local council to train as a student health visitor. Any tips for the interview? I have to discuss for 10 mins what I can bring to health visiting. Any advise or info greatly appreciated
The interviewers will be looking to see that you can deal with the ‘big picture’ of population health, in this case, health of families with children 0-5.
Make sure you prepare on NHS health visiting policies, public health principles and working in the community and primary care (as opposed to acute sector).

For your talk, look at the person specification and think about how you meet this.
Read the job description and think about relevant work experience you have. Give examples. (If you’re good at communicating with families, give an example. Able to refer on appropriately? Work with multiple agencies? Apply research? You get the picture.)

I would also suggest bringing local demographics of that council area into the discussion. Check the socio-economic factors affecting health of the 0-5 year old population and the health of their parents’ age group. Understand the local life chances of 0-19s. This information should be on your local council website, in a public health report. Think about how your abilities and experience could improve health promotion and health protection.

Relate absolutely everything you say to either the person spec or the job description!

Good luck!
Retired health visitor.
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