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Manchester grammar school 6th form HELP!!!

Hello, can anyone tell me how the assessment is like for manchester grammar schools 6th form and the interview please.
I go to MGS ( so if you get in u will be in the same year as me!), I'm sure the exam won't be too bad, as for the interview, its really chilled- we did it after mocks. A teacher from the 6th form team, they're all really nice will talk to you about your A levels, how they would potentially form your ideal career (if you have one yet- its perfectly fine to say you dont) what university you want to go to etc. They ask you things about why you think you are a good fit for the school- generic stuff as well. MGS sixth form is really good- way better than secondary (although its weird- we have the same teachers), especially if you want to go to Oxbridge like me. Good luck!!
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Hiya, thanks for the reply. Do you know how the assessment is for new 6th form applicants?

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