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UWL - Accomodation License


I've applied to start studing at University of West London for September 2024, and have applied for accomodation through the university recently. I've have just recieved the license to sign in my emails and was a bit unsure on some points.

Firstly it says - 'Accomodation Fees - the fee of £13,005.00 payable by the Occupier to the University for the Room'. I wanted to know if this is my rent which i would be paying, it sounds like a simple sentence but i wasnt sure.

Secondly - I wanted to know if signing the license (Contract) for the accomodation results in a permanent contract. For example, when results day rolls around and i do not get my place at the university, would i still need to pay for the accomodation if i sign the contract? What would happen if i go across the country for a complete different uninversity? How would i withdraw from the accomodation if this happens?

Sorry for the big chunks of writing but im getting a bit anxious as this is the second email ive recieved for the accomodation license and wanted to be sure before i make a mistake.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated,

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