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Accommodation in west London? DO NOT PICK THE CUBE

The Cube is a student accommodation in West london that offers studio rooms out for pretty decent prices. However after staying here a year I can easily tell you. It is the worst mistake of your life.

The staff manager is power hungry and controlling, who has it out for disabled students, those that are part of the lgbt community or are obviously alternative in style. The staff have been known to go into rooms without permission. He's been known to talk **** about students in the accom with other students living there. A trans student I was friends with had to leave due to constant harassment and bullying by this staff member, who is facing no repercussions.

He threatened to turn our key fobs off and lock us out of the rooms we payed for because of the uni not paying them on time, breaching our contract and forcing us to almost get police involved.

If you value your mental health and want to feel safe in the privacy of your own room do not pick here. Its not worth it.

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