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Help with article search

Hi all:smile: i am doing some research on explicit memory and input modality to investigate the effect of stimuli presentation on said memory.

My issue is that I can’t find up to date and recent articles/studies about the topic.

Could anyone advise me on any tips or how do i include more research in my dissertation, please? I need plenty more and i can’t find any recent ones.
I'd suggest looking for research that has similar themes, or maybe one or two elements of what you're looking at. They might not be about exactly what you're studying, but their findings could still influence your own research. For example, I did my dissertation on perceptions of psychopathy but talked about perceptions of different mental disorders in my introduction. Also think about if there's any psychological theory that might apply to your study. Don't be afraid to include some older research too. Obviously, it is better to have more recent stuff but you can mention how most of it is outdated and there needs to be more research in the area.
it might kinda apply not to articles but more like research essays etc
i usually just write down whatever topic i wanna research, sometimes add the word research in the end of it, and then add pdf or filetype:tongue:df - usually ends up bringing essays and articles by unis etc

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