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Here is a thing I have noticed on social media:. Almost every girl who breaks up with a guy says they were dating a narcissist. Usually, the accusations only start after the breakup or while the relationship is heading towards a breakup.So does this mean women specifically target and go out with narcissists? Therefore, does it make sense in terms of game to try to become a narcissist so women will find me attractive?Or do you think the term narcissist is used as a form of reputation destruction post breakup to try and take revenge on their ex-partner by damaging his chances of finding another partner by trying to push the disingenuous narrative that they were abusive?
its mostly the psychology of people (more usually girls) who want to sort of shift the narrative because as humans, we dont want to blame ourselves or accept responsibility,because we wanna see ourselves as right. a sign of a mature person is the one who realises the end of a relationship is due to differences in opinions and beliefs, rather than blaming the other person due to them being narcisstic - just says alot about the person themselves going around talkng about their ex, like move on lmaoooo - honestly ridiculous
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First of all, I think there’s a difference between ‘narcissist’ and narcissistic personality disorder, but yes, the term does get quite overused.

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