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Reconsidering University

I finished college 3 years ago. I struggled with the idea of university at the time, for many reasons that are kinda summed up into: I just didn't get enough information. I felt like it was supposed to be this big grand adventure into learning and life, and I thought it wouldn't be worth it to study at a local uni, but go to one known for its art courses.

After 3 years, I am, to be quite honest, desperate to get back into art, to continue my education. I told myself I would keep creating art, but I have struggled to move past the block I put in my head that just tells me no, finding any excuse to not do anything. I still love creating more than anything, Im just out of practice.

My questions are this, really.
1. Am I rushing into things if I apply now to start in September 2024? (I haven't got anything else going on so I think, why not? But also I feel like I'm rushing into things.)
2. Should I go to an open day on June 8th 2024 BEFORE I apply, or should I just start my application now and get it done asap THEN go to the open day during/after application?
3. Am I right in thinking that a foundation year in Art and Design would be best for me to ease back into what I learnt at college and develop my skills to a degree level, and help me decide what path I would take in my art? Rather than just going straight for a degree.

I'm very thankful for any advice or insight anyone can give, thank you.
Look at doing an Art & Design Foundation Diploma at a local college - it will get you back into studying/learning, and you will have access to all the right resources, facilities and staff expertise for the best portfolio possible if you do decide to apply to Uni etc - Art & Design Foundation Diplomas (Art foundation) (

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