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year 12 uni stress

can anyone who’s already applied to uni help on how to manage uni stress? i’m also especially stressed because i feel like i have loads i need to be doing e.g my first draft of my personal statement is due,make my epq presentation and present it, finish my epq essay, revise for upcoming mocks in june, i also work and volunteer and i can usually manage this but with uni stress on top of it i feel really overwhelmed
Pick one thing - probably your EPQ stuff - and get it finished. Don't keep trying to do everything at once.
'Finishing something' means you could forget all about that one and then wouldn't have so much going around in your head.
Your UCAS application doesnt have to be in until January - that can take a very big back seat, its months away. Park it somewhere.

Take a holiday from the volunteer work, and if necessary also from the paid work. Get some stuff done.
Ask for help from school if you need it - you will find your Head of Sixth Form or similar will want to help you to get this sorted out and to find a sensible plan for tackling it.

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