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Boyfriend only one not dysfunctional in his family

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for a number of years and only just to properly notice how he doesn’t engage with family issues.

He comes from quite a dysfunctional family and said to himself he’s kind of the black sheep of the family because he doesn’t entertain ********.

For example a relative of his known to go with the local idiots and becomes shocked when it doesn’t work out he has dates of when they split up on and off the last entry he looked at was Number 53 or something any way the relationship and she called him drunk hysterically out her nut in the early hours of the morning saying he’s become violet again he told her straight I’m not getting involved because you’ll be back with him a couple weeks later he turned his phone off she was back with him about 10 days later saying they won’t argue again!

His younger cousin goes out and causes trouble she aspires to be a hood rat and believes she’s a “bad girl” she treats her family like **** and her friends like the greatest people in the world the other day she got rude to the wrong person and got put in hospital a family member called him and he found it funny and made a comment along the lines of ah what didn’t her mates back her then?

Another family member is under the presumption that lies are facts and facts are lies.

Say for instance Cousin A stole £100 out of Cousin Bs Wallet live on camera they wouldn’t believe it and say he never

His mother will lie continuously and when he tries to call her out on it she kicks off and his family will say he’s starting on her and when he tries to explain to them they just brush it off and say he’s starting for no reason

Is this normal family behaviour and why is the my boyfriend the one who doesn’t go along with everything considered the black sheep

He told me from the start Drug addiction alcoholism gambling and absolutely stupidity runs in the family but I didn’t actually believe it until I saw it my self
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Your choice here - but your life choice can lead to a life of bliss or a life of pain - I think you know the answer to that one. If you have known your boyfriend for a couple of years you have clearly had the time to judge? Whilst it is easy to say 'well by boyfriend isn't like that' you know that you be embroiled and involved with this for life. If you are asking then you have some concerns about all that involves with the bad stuff that his friends and family are involved with. Do you really want that for the rest of your life?

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