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How mature students afford uni?

Sorry this is a very forward question. I am a forward planner and like to know information about things before it's possibly released. I have recently been accepted into uni, I am a mature student with 2 kids and a partner. I was wondering if anyone is in the same situation and if you managed to get a maintance loan /grant /bursary to help with the cost of living. Unfortunately we can't afford to live of one wage. I am planning on working, however I won't be able to work full time like I do now. If anyone would be happy to share their experience with me. I would appreciate it, as it might hopefully make it easier to make a decision on this. Thank you in advance 😊
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You get a maintenance loan, and your fees pays and you pay a small amount once you own a certain amount. The universities have grants/bursaries that you can apply for.

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