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A level revision in 3 weeks

I got an E at AS level maths last year. I only have 3 weeks until the actual A-level exam. If I revise well, will I be able to get my total grade up to a D, or at least maintain the E?
Please note, I am hopeless at maths
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Absolutely you can attain that grade, but it will require a lot of effort I'm afraid. There are so many revision sites online to work through but on this time scale practice is key.
Work through a past paper (and/ or look at previously completed papers) and identify which topics you are getting less than half marks on - these are your revision focus topics. Print out a revision summary and stick in on the wall or in a folder. Then complete topic-specific questions. Mark these, for any you get less than half marks on, look through the revision summary and identify the key rules/ formula. Then try the question again. If you still get less than half marks, look up a revision video or ask your teacher. Then try the same question again (different numbers preferably).
Here is a really useful website to generate maths questions - keep practising, the steps will become familiar.

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