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friend went on phub

I gave my computer to my friend to use because they urgently needed it so i got it back on friday. I didn't know what he needed it for exactly other than it was for some sort of work that needed to be handed in asap. I feel bad bc i went on history just to have a sense what he was working on. It wasn't anything interesting, just office 365 and gmail being used the most but then i saw a big chunk of phub. I cleared my history right away but like i'm still in shock. Not bc i saw anything but now i'm scared that he's ruined my digital footprint. I'm 18 btw, i'm going to uni in september.
Does this ruin my digital footprint and chances of going to uni and reduces job outcomes? Also should i confront them and how? bc its sort of weird that they did it on my computer when i gave it to him for work purposes.
Hi, I don't think it's going to affect your digital footprint but that's a very weird and awkward situation to be in. Probably best to ask him why he felt like searching that on your work computer when he has other devices with him? Depends on how you see your friend lol
yes. your going to be kicked out of any uni if you are caught with a naughty digital footprint. they don't allow people to do this and have strict rules against it. ure didigtal footprint goes on your record so good luck with that

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