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how should i prepare for my as level physics exam in a week?

alr so i essentially know next to nothing abt as level physics (prolly 20%). my exam will be on the 17th of may so i just wanted advice on how i can utilise my time and prepare for it really well! i've been watching a few vids but i lack motivation since i have no idea how to tackle the whole syllabus at once or start on my past papers. pls save me physics students i need good advice!! i know i barely have any time left but im not too worried abt it, i just need a B atleast to save my ass ty
here's the syllabus:
paper 1 and paper 2 : complete as syllabus
paper 3 : both questions excluding electrical circuits
paper 4 and paper 5 : motion in circle and gravitational field (q2 only for p5)
note that these are internal school examinations and i'll have gaps in between each paper
Just do past papers now. You don't have time to go over/make notes. Even if u have no idea what the question is asking you, try it and then check the mark scheme. Make flashcards out of the questions u found most difficult (I'd recommend anki) and keep going over them till the last minute before your exams. It'll surprise you how much content you can learn from the mark scheme Definitions are really important so make sure u memorise them. Lastly, don't make yourself sick over exams. Been there and don't recommend it. There will always be options and at leatst it's only AS, you have all of next year to make things better :smile:

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