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Taking a Sandwich Year at Kingston BA Fashion

Ever considered doing a placement year or studying abroad?
Kingston University’s BA Fashion course offers the opportunity to take a sandwich year between your 2nd and 3rd year at university. This is a great opportunity to gain some work experience or study abroad in a foreign country! Here are some tips to finding a placement and the university’s support with this process.

Study Abroad
In the 2nd Semester of your 2nd Year, you have the option to choose to take a year out to study abroad or do a placement year. The university has links with other art and design universities in Milan, Paris, Berlin, Portugal, South Korea and Singapore (to name a few), and gives you the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or two, to experience a different culture and education system. Quite a few of my friends have opted to study abroad and have been selected for the exchange programme. If you do decide to take this option, keep an open mind as the study abroad option is quite competitive. Due to limited slots you may not always get the school or country of your choice and it is partially dependent on your work ethnic observed by tutors.

Finding a Placement
The work placement option is very popular and the majority of students will decide to take a placement year to gain some experience within industry. Personally, as an international student who has done internships before, I felt it was a good way to explore different roles within London's fashion industry and learn more hands-on skills within a professional setting. Also, graduating with work experience gives you a better chance in getting a job. Aside from searching for internships on your own, the University does have a couple of contacts with companies (eg. Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Erdem ..etc) and has an official Fashion Placement Officer who acts as a point of contact for these companies.
In addition to university contacts, we also usually have industry talks from past alumni and tutor contacts that give you industry insight to what these roles are like within the fashion industry. This serves as a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and get advice from industry experts and can be a starting point when sending out applications for internships.
Moreover the university also has an excellent Career Services and Employability Team which offers CV and cover letter support for your application!

Have you considered doing a placement year?
Are there any designers you would like to work for?
I hope this short blog post gives you some insight on support and options available here at Kingston University and feel free to drop down any questions in the comments below!

Zhi En
(Kingston Student Rep.)
(edited 1 month ago)

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