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My ex gf blocked me after we had sex

I haven't had contact with my ex since December. I live as friends with her friend, who told me that when my ex was at her place, she kept talking about me, she cried when she mentioned me, she looked at my Instagram stories from her account, so her friend said that my ex still loves me because it's not normal. I also talked to my ex on the webcam at that time, and everything was fine. After she returned from her friend's house, I met her at her house on Monday, and from the beginning I could feel the tension between us. She cried, we hugged, we had sex. two days were ok, we spent time together, on Wednesday we had no contact, on Thursday I met her, where she was cold, arrogant towards me, didn't want to give me a hug, she behaved like a different person. she told me that she didn't love me, she just liked me, and she said she didn't want to come back because she was afraid of being hurt by me again. We haven't had contact since Thursday, she blocked me everywhere, I don't call her or stalk her when she comes home. I fell into the ground for her. Will this change anything? Can she still love me if she behaves this way in front of her friend and tells her all these things about me, and in front of me she acts strong because she has set such boundaries for herself? please advise
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Did you guys have a bad break up before? Some woman like revenge and want to hurt the person back.

She might also just be scared to be hurt. She could be overthinking in the situation. Though if she's blocked you I think it best you leave things alone
Tbh this kind of thing happens quite often after a break up. There is some sort of contact or meeting when you are both still raw and there's a burst of passion, sex or a resolve to fix things, but as soon as you both go home alone that glow fizzles out a bit the reality and stresses of why you broke up in the first place hit you hard again, this can often cause one or both to take a step back, be a bit more aloof and close things down again.
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I just came back from her. nothing has changed since then, and it's even worse than it was. she said that the sex on monday last week is just a sex, kissing with me is just a kissing and she doesn't live in the past and moves forward. she was angry towards me, didn't want to listen to me, etc. she also said that she didn't want contact with me, that's why I was blocked everywhere. You know, I'm not a stalker, but I can't understand what she's doing now and her behavior towards me. 😅

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