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Public Policy & International Development: LSe or SOAS?

Hi, I am an international student and have received offers to both MSc Public Policy and Administration at LSe and MSc Global Development with Work placement year at SOAS? Which one would be better to opt for?
Please base it on the following factors: Costs (a critical factor for me), Job Prospects (considering ROI), and Post-study Work Visa and Immigration Policies.
My qualifications: Already a MA in Polsci & IR, 2-3 of work experience (of internships, volunteer works, international conferences and summer schools).
Thank you so much in advance. :smile:
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Given you already have an MA degree in a related field, does it really make sense to go for a MSc as well? What field of work are you looking to go into, is this degree relavent? The cost of tuition and living in London is very high so do have a think on whether further studies are the best option. But if it is necessary, having a guarunateed work placement is a defintley a good leg up. Going to LSE is more prestigious but whether that translates into work opporutnites after you finish is up to you, not the name of the university.
Development & policy field, ed policy, IOs etc.

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