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major regrets choosing a level subjects

i feel like ranting about something...
so basically i chose a level chemistry, biology and psychology for my a levels and a couple of weeks in i decided that i didnt really enjoy the first couple of lessons of psychology, so i dropped it... for physics.
im not sure what was going on in my brain that made me think that it was a good idea, i was even warned by many people that physics is really hard. I got A* for physics GCSE but A levels is nothing compared to it.

I recently did my end of years and im quite sure I got a C or a low B, i think my other subjects im doing fine, as im predicted an A. But man I have never regretted anything in my life as much as this. I know theres still time to turn things around. But everytime i do a past paper or an exam and i do bad, i just feel very demotivated. My teacher is of no help as well, he only focuses on teaching the smart kids in the front of the class.

So yeah, really wished i hadnt switched to physics, but hopefully things will start looking up soon.

wondering if anyone had a similar experience?
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I am so sorry for you !! Can you not talk to your school about doing an AS psychology+ AS physics? Or get tutoring in physics? Or do you speak an extra language you could do an A Level in?

I didn't drop until I was sure I hated the subject and had no regret about it (like 5 months in, subject was Maths)
I was doing 3, but switched it to French, because I am a native speaker.
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Hey! thanks for your concern. Unfortunately, my school doesn't allow AS levels unless its further maths. I am also looking to apply for vet med uni course, so I would defo need 3 full A levels. I'm currently getting some tutoring in physics which has helped me a bit. But yeah tbh I don't think there's much that I can do now, I don't hate the subject and I love all my classmates in physics classes, just wished I could get better grades in it. (especially because all of my other classmates find physics slightly easier, bc they do maths) so I think my only option is to trudge on :smile:

I hope ur doing alright :smile:)

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