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physics gravitation fields a level

the orbital plane of the satellite is inclined at an angle to the equator.
X, Y and Z are locations on the Earth.
X is at the North Pole, Y is on a high mountain and Z is on the equator
The satellite is to be launched from one of the locations.
State and explain which launch site X, Y or Z minimises the amount of fuel required to send the satellite into its orbit.
- the answer is Z as when it is launched it will have the largest initial speed/Kinetic energy. Would someone be able to explain why?
I think what they're trying to say is launching from the equator gives the most initial KE as the equator spins the fastest, while the poles spins the slowest.
You can imagine the Earth spinning at some constant rate, so if you're on the poles you dont have any velocity because youre not moving, only rotating.
But if youre on the equator, you have the biggest distance from the axis of rotation, so when the Earth rotates, you move by the largest amount, so you have the highest velocity.
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