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Economics or Ancient History A level?

I know I want to do maths, FM, history, theology & philosophy for a level, but I need one more choice. I'm considering either economics or ancient history. This would be a subject I probably will drop. I know I like history, so ancient history is a safe option, and I want to study history at uni, but economics seems interesting although I have never done it before. How do I know if I will like it before choosing it? Has anyone done economics A-level and if they have did they enjoy it? Also, is theology a respected A-level if I was applying to competitive unis?
If you're planning to drop it then there's no risk in either, but save the stress and go for ancient history if history is what you plan to do at university.
However, your choice of A-levels is quite unconventional for pursuing a history degree, as maths and FM are not required and I would recommend not to add on extra pressure of FM as it won't be helpful for you at degree level.
History degrees would also prefer you to have more essay-based subjects, so wither econ or ancient history is fine but I would recommend reconsidering FM as the A-level to drop later down the line.

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