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biggaymer420's Laptop recommendation thread

biggaymer420's Laptop recommendation thread


Subject being studied
Social Work

Software that will be used
Microsoft Word, Video Editing Software, Gaming Software

Screen size
14 inches

Operating system preference

Minimum amount of RAM

Minimum storage requirement

Weight limit

Used for playing games?

If yes, what games?
Minecraft, Stardew Valley, The Sims 3, Visual Novels, etc

Touchscreen needed?
Don't mind

Are there any specific ports you need?
Headphone jack, USB type C

What devices do you have currently?
iMac, iPhone, iPad

Laptops researched:
Laptop 1 -

Laptop 2 -

Laptop 3 -

Additional Comments:
I'm trying to phase out Apple products so I thought I'd start with a laptop as I'll be needing that for university.

Realistically speaking, I won't really need that good of a laptop in terms of uni work as my course is mostly placements and so the most I'd need is Microsoft Word, PPT and or Excel.
The thing I want to focus on is a laptop that I CAN play games on, not a laptop made for gaming.
Also I plan on making small little videos/vlogs to send to family and friends as I'll be quite far from everyone so something that hold an editing software without crashing would be great.

To expand on budget, I have never had a laptop so I'm unsure on what a normal price is for a laptop. Preferably, I'd rather not spend over £600 BUT I am willing to go over if the laptop is also good for long-term use as I definitely will be using this laptop when I finish university.

Another thing I'll note is when I picked the minimum RAM, storage and maximum weight requirement, I went with what other people said online so maybe keep that in mind 'cause I really don't know what they entirely mean or if they're good measurements.

Any advice and recommendations are helpful, thank you!! :smile:
1) if you plan on going abroad, avoid HP, the battery can play up at different voltages.
The Lenovo is good and sturdy but not too bulky but idk much about laptops but don't get a gaming laptop as the battery life is trash. look at dell also bc the dell xps doesn't use antivirus and is good. look at ASUS too and don't get a chromebook or acer - they are cheap for a reasom
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If you are of medium to slight build and you will be carrying the laptop around campus or on the bus or train often, then a 14" laptop is the right size for you.
If you are of a bigger build or you will transport the laptop in your car boot, then a 15.6" or 16" laptop would be better for you.

Either a fairly recent AMD laptop or an 11th gen onwards Intel laptop would be OK for your simple gaming and video editing needs.
As long as you steer clear of games like Cyberpunk 2077, you won't need a dedicated graphics card.
And as long as you stick to simple video editing without special effects you should be OK.

If you wanted to get into youtube or tiktok type content creation, you might be looking at a workstation type laptop or desktop.
I can give you a suggestion if you want a mega beast mobile workstation laptop. Trouble is: the cost and the weight. Everything else about it is fantastic.

These used premium business laptops would be a good choice for you:
HP 840 G8 on ebay
Another HP 840 G8
As a little tip for "buy-it-now" laptops on ebay; put them in your watchlist and see if the seller offers it to you at a lower price within 72 hours.
With each of these laptops, and pretty much for any windows laptop that you buy (with non soldered RAM), bear in mind that you can upgrade the RAM for about £20 per stick, or upgrade the SSD (eg to a very fast 1 TB for £60).
So that your investment breakdown might be:
Used premium business laptop: £230
8 GB RAM stick £20
1 TB very fast SSD £60
Sub total £310
Replacement battery in 6 to 36 months time: £35
Total £345

If you need the laptop for September, wait till August before buying. As there's a good chance you'll be able to get a HP 840 G8 for under £200 then.

HP 840 G8's are well engineered premium business laptops. They are lovely laptops to own and use, especially when compared to consumer grade laptops.

Don't buy from Currys. You can always get better laptops for less money elsewhere.
Most of the advice on the Internet for buying laptops is poor to mediocre, because most sites pretend used business laptops don't exist. Or that they are somehow risky (they're not. Not in the same way that used cars can be risky).

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