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Student Finance Maintanance but not tuition


I am studying a 4 year degree with a year abroad but I changed my degree after first year which means that I will have been at uni for 5 years once I finish.

SFE only allows loans for 5 years. I will need a maintenance loan for my year abroad but the tuition is only around £1000 and could pay this myself by working over the summer.

If I apply for maintenance loan but not tuition loan would I have another year of tuition loan I could use on e.g. a master’s degree? Or would me applying for maintenance loan use up that spot even if I don’t apply for tuition?

Hi there,

If you've only studied 1 year or less since leaving further education then you'd be funded for all years of your new course. Postgraduate funding is assessed differently so your previous study isn't counted in the calculation. Thanks, Jason

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