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A levels coming up....

I have serious trouble getting in decent amounts of work and revising in school and at home. I've tried changing my environments and mindsets but if I restrict myself too much I get too frustrated to revise, and if im too comfortable I will get distracted. I have these weird things where I have to revise under specific conditions, otherwise revising is basically off the table. im trying to get myself out of this, but im just so unmotivated. however, I've been recently coming out with grade Bs and one of my subjects is a confirmed grade distinction, which has me on the right tracks. but MANNNN, A level English literature is not for the weak, I almost forget I have criminology to revise aswell. anyways, my waffle session is over. advice is needed STAT about ways to overcome how picky I get. weirdly, I got motivated over seeing a random video on tiktok of some American girl getting into her chosen Universities. although im taking a gap year to find myself (cringe I know), uni is not totally off the table, which is why I hope I pull out my academic weapon alter ego for the remainder of my time at sixth form. just typing about all this makes me much more clear headed about what to do, but hoping that you guys have some magic trick up your sleeve that could potentially turn the tables, and save my A levels (hey that rhymes) THANK YOUUUUUU
Things that help me:


I go into my sixth form study room at 7:30, im away from everyone, nice and quiet, comfy (ish) chairs with lots of computers and tables, i spread my work along a row and put everything into coloured coordinated folders based on stuff, in terms of criminology (which im studying) each AC has a different colour, e.g. blue AC1.1 orange AC1.2 etc..


I log into my school network and clear my emails, teams notifications etc. I go to files of each class and download as much as possible, if i cant find whats necessary i print documents from other web pages or exam boards. I print them and arrange them into the coloured folders.


i find past papers and instead of completing them, i note how to answer specfifc questions, e.g. make a generic plan of how to answer a 9 mark questions such as Discuss theorys ~(criminology unit 2) i do theory 1, theory 2, theory 3.


when i have a next free during the day i go back to the study room and chose an exam question to complete using all revision notes, i then highligh things that i think i know and things i need to revise in a different colour. It gives me an idea where to put my focus


I revise the things i need to focus on


Ever week i note everything i remember and repeat the process.

This works for me and might not work for you but i hope it gives you an idea of how to help yourself, good luck

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