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helpp will a 6 In Computer Science GCSE drag me down for Pharmacy

Hi anyone reading this,

I am an A-level student who is slightly concerned about whether my computer science grade will affect my chances of doing pharmacy

Please let me know if it will affect my chances of getting an offer

Computer science - 6
English Lan - 8
English lit - 7
Biology - 8
Physics - 8
Chemistry - 8
Sociology - 8
Math - 8
History - 7

Also for A level I am doing Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
Be honest pls
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nah ur fine i got a 6 in comp sci and got offers for interviews from basically all the unis i applied to, as long as u meet this minimum entry requirements which is usually like a 6 in maths and a pass in english u should be fine, they care more abt ur a level predications and personal statement

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