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Anyone else struggle with being extremely lonely

Hi I'm in y12 and really struggling with loneliness it's actually killing my esteem. Anyone else have this issue
i did. in my sixth form our only option was to go outside of school mainly because it was lockdown. so i went to the nearby park for like an hour per day break and lunch by myself wandering around. i was bored out of my mind and was going crazy. luckily i made friends with this great guy who could tell i was lonely but unfortunately i lost contact with him after uni. in uni i didn't make any friends and barley went to any of the lectures. i was too shy to even go into the kitchen. i still don't have friends but i got a job and some co workers who are really nice. my advice is get a job. or go out to an event it forces you to converse. the thing with social anxiety is like anything else. you actually have to do the problem to get over the problem. so in this case you have to be social to beat social anxiety. i still have it despite doing a customer service job but i'm doing much better then before. school is kind of stupid because it really does not help with our self esteem. like i said getting a job forces you to chat to people because your their coworkers and you need to work together.

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