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will a masters improve my job prospects?

hi all,

so considering a masters in history at ucl, politcal economy at kcl. Would either of these improve my propsects for a role in management consulting or fianance. I already have a 2.1 in law from bristol, A*AA at alevel and am currently an HEO in the civil service.

It really depends. In some jobs having a masters degree is more favourable over a undergraduate degree, as a lot less people have a masters degree compared to a undergraduate. I would recommend that you have a look at what jobs in those sectors are looking for. Individuals with masters degree's do also tend to have a higher salary than those without, although you will have a second student loan to be paying back.

I'm currently doing my masters in Criminology, and in terms of workload it is a massive step up compared to my undergraduate, as assignments have a higher word count and closer deadlines, and there is a significantly larger amount of readings expected to be done for each lecture/seminar. But I do really enjoy my masters and the additional independence and freedom you get around the assignments.

I would say if your really organised and motivated to do a masters, as well as a genuine interest and enjoyment in the subject, then it's worth it but otherwise it can be quite easy to get burnt out over the 12 months of study.

This is a link to a website with more info around pursing a masters degree to better future job opportunities Should I do a Masters? |

Hope this helps!
Suzan - Student Ambassador

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