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Failed module in 2nd year now in 3rd

Hi, just a random question but I failed a module in second year but got offered the opportunity to do an ordinary degree and go through to 3rd year and I’m near the end of third year and I’m kind of regretting my decision and I was just wondering if it’s possible to Re sit the module in second year
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What is your degree in? What was you offered by the university? My best advice is talk to the universiries admissions team as well as your tutor at university and have a conversation with them about it. Schedule an appointment with your tutor first and go from there
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This will all come down to your university regulations. As you accepted the offer to transfer to an ordinary degree (rather than retrieve the failed L5 module at the time), I feel it's unlikely there will be alternative pathway at this stage. However, to be sure, you need to check this urgently with your Programme Administrator as they are the ones that know the academic regs the best.
It will be impossible to reverse this. You will need to exit with an ordinary degree. It will be impossible for you to get onto a Masters - the typical requirement is for a 2.2.

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