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What type of extended essay gets the most marks, I’m trying to decide what I want to make my extended essay like the beginning of a short story, or a speech, or an article so on I’m just unsure of what to do
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Our teacher told us that 'Power of Persuasion' ones are the easiest to get marks for. She said the commentary is where people tend to struggle, and that it's easiest to explain why the language you've used is persuasive.

Most people in my class did persuasive opinion articles, a couple did persuasive speeches, but one person chose to do storytelling instead.

But then, the person who did storytelling got one of the highest marks in the class, so if you're passionate about one of them, then def choose it.
hmmm I mean I just got my marks back for mine and I got 45/50 which is quite good I think and I did mine on travel journalism which honestly wasn’t that difficult, I think writing a short story is more fun and it’s what I wanted to do but as my teacher said, unless you’re a fantastic writer DONT do it. I know there was a couple of people who picked to do it anyway and one of them did well but the other two got quite a few less marks so it depends, if you’re a good writer it could definitely be a good pick. I think you could honestly get high marks in any as long as you display it well and don’t slack on the commentary it means more than it looks. I’d recommend picking the one you like the sound of most because if you pick one just because you think it’ll get you more marks you might become uninterested in it half way through and loose motivation.

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