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behavioural economics

what graphs would u include if they asked a large essay q on this (eg 9/15/25)
really feeling unsure about this
I do Edexcel Route A, which is a different exam board. But here are some you could use:
1) Draw an information gap diagram and link it to computational issues and how consumers may not be acting as rational agents.
2) Elasticity diagrams to show how habitual behaviour may have formed through addiction or forgotten subscriptions (you could potentially look at AED and how different elasticities may impact demand).
3) Subsidies or tax diagrams: government intervention applied to a behavioural economics construct
4) Game theory: Nash equilibrium vs dominant strategy
5) AS/AD or S/D diagram due to nudges( potentially divergent shifts)

For any Edexcel students who may see this, you don’t need diagrams for full marks on any of these questions. Unless it asks explicitly, they are useful for application marks (and evaluation, depending on how they're used).

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