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Self study further maths during gap year

Is it possible to take further maths as an a level during my gap year? I discovered that I have a passion for maths during A levels, I am currently predicted an A* in maths. However, I regret not taking further maths as many top universities require further maths when applying to mathematics degrees, if they don’t, they suggest that it helps a lot in the application. I am planning to reapply after my gap year. Am I able to take the further maths a level during my gap year? It is even possible? What is the process of taking it? Do I have to apply somewhere?
Have you spoken to your college about this? During your gap year, you could learn a level further maths and then book the exam with the college. One of my brothers had booked an exam for a subject he didn’t actually study at college, but I’m not sure if it works for all colleges.

Ask your college if this is possible. Best of luck! :smile:

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