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Is Welsh Baccalaureate Considered As a Separate GCSE?

i wanted to know if Welsh Baccalaureate considered a Separate GCSE? I moved to Wales from another country in 2022, so I had to complete my GCSES there. However, as I was in the year 11 group here but year 10 group back in my country, they made me rush my GCSES and do 7 in 6 months.

The GCSES were:
Combined Science
English Language
Religious Studies
Welsh Baccalaureate

Is this enough for universities? Or not?
you should be fine either way as long as you do well enough in A levels, I got into uni with 2 GCSEs (or 3 if you count maths, but I resat that like 3 times lol), you have all the essential subjects assuming you got a C in all of them
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Welsh Bacc is equivalent to a GCSE and as long as you at least pass (C grade) in your subjects I think you should be all good as you will have the essential subjects 😀

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