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soas vs queen marys?!

I’m so stuck between either economics at SOAS and Global development at Queens, idk which one to firm 😭 does degree subject really matter?

I like the location and vibe of SOAS but I prefer the course content of queens- i also think economics can offer me a much wider range of opportunities than global development can- though I do like the actual modules that queens offers more(plus there’s a free trip)

do employers really only care about seeing a degree on your CV?

Any advice would help!! TYY
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Look at the course content for each degree carefully - check the optional units for each year of each degree and think about which ones you would choose if you went there. Remember, it isnt 'the Uni' you study every day for 3 years - its the course.
Hello, both are great universities! While it is very important that a university provide the lifestyle you'd like, I agree with the previous comment that what classes you take really matters. University studies can be challenging and studying a course you enjoy makes all the difference! My advice would be to read through each course carefully, looking at both the core modules and optional ones to see which has the most content that interests you. Here's the link to the SOAS degree page:
Many employers look for a good degree i.e.. 2:2 and above and you're much more likely to do well in a course you enjoy! Hope this helps!

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