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Best YouTuber to watch for a level physics - mechanics?

I do AQA. I am really bad at mechanics. For some reason I just don’t understand forces. I need a youtuber to watch that explains the fundamentals of mechanics well. My exam is in 16 days, I’m really stressing 😭.
Zeeshan Zamurred - YouTube This guy makes videos on Edexcel maths, but there are a few overlap topics with physics which might be worth watching. Be careful which videos you watch because you don't want to learn content that isn't relevant to physics, but there will be something worth watching here. (Maybe watch connected particles, basic forces on inclined planes and parabolic motion). Don't watch stuff that involves friction on inclined planes because that won't come up in physics. Maybe watch the first couple videos on tension, pulley systems?

If someone links a proper physics youtube channel watch that instead, but check this out if not.
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For mechanics I would recommend this Youtube channel called Michael Van Biezen that goes over most mechanics and physics topics in depth. He is American so the stuff he covers is some subjects may be slightly different from what is taught in most UK unis but overall he is good

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