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GCSE English Lit Predictions (AQA)

Romeo and Juliet:
•Aggressive male behaviour (Mercutio, Tybalt, Romeo; contast to Benvolio)
•Relationship between Nurse + Juliet / parents
•Fate influencing love and death (Romeo / Juliet)
•How far is Friar Lawrence presented as a good character?
•Role of women in society

Sign of Four:
•Watson and Mary’s relationship - Love
•Science / forensics - new at time
•Empire / Tonga / Agra Treasure / Thaddeus Sholto
•Idea of the double / duality
•General character of Watson
•Role of women in society
•Different classes

Animal Farm:
•Intellectual characters who are passive (Benjamin)
•Proletariat - Boxer
•Manipulation / power of language - Squealer or even Snowball, Sheep

Power and Conflict - Poetry
•Checking out me History - Identity
•Storm on the Island - power of nature / power of man
•Exposure - nice mix of war and power of nature / futility of man power

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