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Are Apple Airpods capable of producing 165 decibels of sound?

Inspired by this article, where a Texas family claim that an "Amber Alert" on their son's Airpods caused his eardrum to rupture. The lawsuit was started in 2022 and is still ongoing.
According to this, sound levels starting from 165 decibels would cause eardrum rupture:,also%20rupture%20the%20tympanic%20membrane.

Are the Apple Airpods physically capable of producing 165 decibels of sound?
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The figures I see being banded around from audiophile sources and other hardware reference sites seems to be a maximum of 110dB, one reference of 120 but that was an outlier with no associated data. That's already at the upper limit of what could be considered safe listening volume, I can't imagine they're engineered to go 50% louder than that.

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