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I need help..
I was in relationship with a guy for 5 years but I ended it previous year because he didn’t seem eager or welling to have a job or establish a good life. The same year I met a guy online and later we had feelings for each other’s, we got attached to each other’s and confessed our feelings but still didn’t meet yet cause we’re living on a distance.
For my ex, he is a very caring person to me kind and loving, thats why we agreed to stay as best friends. The problem is he’s still demanding me, he says that he can’t take me out of his heart and still craving for my cuddles or warm touches. I visited him and we end up kissing intimately but all the time I was feeling guilt (huge guilt and disappointment of myself) because I’m thinking about the new man (who I didn’t meet in person yet) and I want to be loyal to him same as I was for my ex, however, I’m unable to cut off my ex because he’s a kind person and I don’t want to hurt him, he’s literally begging me and I can’t say no when I’m seeing him like this..
I don’t know how to solve this, I feel myself disgusting and bad
Honestly, you need to cut contact if you are helpless to his creepy demands.

He is not kind to beg this intimacy from you. It’s deeply unpleasant behaviour.

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