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How to work out if I have passed a module

Can anyone tell me how to discern if I’ve passed a module already? The module is split into three parts, the book review and essay were worth 30 % each. With those two assignments done I’m sitting on 67 %. When I put my marks against all the available marks including the not yet done final exam worth 40% i seem to have passed the module at 40.2%. The threshold to pass the module is 40. If I was to mess up the final exam would I still pass irregardless? Please give any advice as I’m extremely anxious about sitting the exam!
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You need to check whether all module components must achieve 40% or whether the final module grade is an average of the three grades with weightings taken into account. If it's the former, you will need to pass the exam. Check the module handbook/assessment briefs - they will make it clear.
Thanks I’ve found it’s done by weighted adverage

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