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BA Hons Lecturer hasn't marked work submitted 9 weeks ago

We've just done our FMP hand in and we're all pretty much done with our course however, we don't know our marks for pretty much all of semester 2 works, one lecturer has had work since March and hasn't marked it, the other has given 2/3 unit marks but still has marking outstanding and the external examiner is due in next week to validate the grades, but we won't have any time to rework or resubmit any failed pieces of work (because they've not been marked we don't know whether its correct or not) would this be something we'd have to fight with panel if the submitted works were deemed to be incorrect due to the lack of feedback / opportunity to rework?
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Most universities these days have a grade/feedback policy, such as 15 or 20 working days after submission, so the first thing to do is get your class rep to raise this with the course team if the published policy has not been met. If there is going to be any delay to the marks coming back, students should be told in advance.
It's important to review all of your grades and feedback carefully and alert any possible admin errors to the module leader, programme leader and Programme Administrator asap. These can usually be corrected before the exam board meets. Otherwise you would have to appeal.
However, any failed components/modules will go forward as they are and the exam board will use the academic regs to determine the outcome, like whether you are offered a resit opportunity, are condoned, etc. I have never known final year students being given the chance to redo assessments before the summer exam board - this is something that takes place over the summer, usually with capped grades.
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