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SF Wales Maintenance for over 25s

Hi All,

I am due to begin an apprenticeship BSc degree in September aged 29.
The tuition fees are paid for by the Welsh Government and I will be full time employed.
The course is full intensity, day release a week for 24 weeks of the year for three years, so will end in summer 2027.

Even though I am employed full time, I did a tuition fee funded HNC a few years ago part time over 2 years, and we were told we were eligible for Student Finance which I applied for and got, so presume I am eligible for student loans/grants again? I was also told part time and full time are counted differently so presumably my HNC will not affect me getting finance again?

There's not much info online about what figures over 25s can expect. I still live at home and I gather my parents income is not taken into account. So would it be based just my own income which for the last tax year was £25,419, but will increase at some point this tax year when we are given a pay rise and backdated to April. I also, and my employer, pay into a pension, which I do through salary sacrifice so my actual take home pay was £24,402 last year (would it be this figure rather than 25,419 I would need to use?).

Would I be eligible for the full living at home £10,315 loan/grant maintenance?
I would plan on only taking the grant element, which is £5,930 for an income of £25k.

Any advice much appreciated.

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