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Brampton and NCS Taster Day Clash

Hello, I have been invited to both Brampton Manor Academy and Newham Collegiate Sixth Form's induction/taster days. However, they take place at the same day (Tuesday 25th June), and overlap at around the same time. Both sixth forms have also stated they are unable to change my dates.

To anyone that attends Brampton or was also invited, would it be possible for the taster day to finish at around 9 or 10AM so i am able to attend both events? I could make up an urgent family event occuring inbetween as an excuse to allow some lateness/early leave if needed.

(Brampton is at 7:45AM to BY 12:00PM, and NCS is 08:30AM to 1:30PM)
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I doubt that it can end that early but you can try emailing them and see if they will change the time of your taster day. I saw someone from the previous year doing this and it worked
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go the the brampton one bc ncs will still giv u offer

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