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Need help for Eduqas "basic physics" topic A Level question

So I understand all of this question except for part d). I have attached the question, my working out, and the model answer in the replies, if anyone could explain to me why my answer is wrong/what's going on in the correct answer that'd be great, because I don't really understand just from looking at the mark scheme.
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Q4.png This is the full question
This is my answer vs the model answer (I knew that k = 0.0118 from a previous part of the question)answers 2.png
dont know if you still care as it’s been two weeks but here’s the working out. You didn’t consider the weight in the net force on the stone. The stone’s weight is acting downwards (+ve direction in this example) and the drag force is opposing the weight
. Always draw a diagram, makes it easier to visualise. 👍

Also, did you do the exam today and how did you think it went
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