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I need help in gathering quotes (RS and Drama)

I take RS and Drama for GCSE and the exams are tomorrow. I've learnt as much as I can but I feel like the quotes I have aren't enough.
For RS I study Christianity and Islam (Paper 1 tomorrow) so any useful quotes would be appreciated.
For Drama I do 'Blood Brothers' and 'Things I Know To Be True'.
I especially need quotes for TIKTBT because I can only find a few in my notes (can't find the better ones)
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hey i do drama with the same texts ! i’m sure you already know but you should get the blood brothers script in the exam so only need to do know the rough order of the musical
here are some of the quotes i know of the top of my head for TIKTBT

Rosie’s monologue: “And I am gone all over again”

Pips Letter: Howling and Howling. And bashing your head against the tree. Why were you crying that day Mum?” “I fell Mum, in love” I felt loved by him, more than I ever did by Steve”

Ben/Bob fighting scene : (ben) “Come on hit me… Hit me old man!”

Mark/Mia coming out: “This isn’t how this was meant to go..”

hope this helps, good luck!

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