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Eating Disorder and Studying Nursing

Hi All,

I have just had my Occupational health review with University of York as I intend to study mental health nursing on Sept, 24. So I have an undiagnosed eating disorder which I have been getting help with for a long time (it was bulimia but has transformed into a binge eating disorder). Because of the nature of this disorder, my BMI is over 40 and I got the impression I might not get a place as I wouldn't be fit to practice. I am otherwise healthy, I can walk all day with little tiredness, I've worked in the care industry for 9 years with no weight-related illness issues and I go to the gym regularly as a way of combating this need to binge. I was a lot bigger but lost 6 kg, which is huge for me. I am disheartened and terrified that I won't be able to get onto the course because of my illness despite the fact my skills and experience were what got me the place on the course. I guess I just feel judged. Has anyone else experienced this?

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