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Long-Term Student Visa Spain Proof of Financial Means - Student Finance accepted?

Hi everyone,

I’m collecting the relevant documents to prepare for my year abroad in Spain and I can’t find a clear answer on whether a letter from Student Finance that shows the maintenance loan I’m due to receive in Spain is sufficient proof of funds. All I can find is stories from other countries about how it may or may not be accepted. I can show the proof of funds in my bank account but this requires paying for the legalisation and official translation of 6 months of my bank statements which will be a lengthy and expensive process (on top of all the other documents I’ve had to pay for). Contacting the consulate service just results in automated calls and emails. Can anyone tell me for Spain specifically if I am able to use a letter from Student Finance? Many thanks. :smile:
Hey did you find out anything about this? I’m trying to do the same
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Original post by Owencollings
Hey did you find out anything about this? I’m trying to do the same

I found one PDF online from BLS showing a checklist of required documents for the visa and it said that it did accept a student finance entitlement letter. This is the only place I could find this and I haven’t submitted my documents yet so we’ll have to see.

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