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Paper Reference for RS AQA on Extra Paper

Hi so ive done paper 1 RS today and i asked for extra paper and i added the reference number for Islam as I do Islam and Christianity as 1 paper but on the papers there were different reference codes for the islam and christianity paper yet I continued my Islam question alongside the christianity one with teh questions in the margins and when I realised that the additional paper can only go in one of them as nobod told me you ahd to use a seperate paper booklet for each section so i asked the invigilator/exam officer who told me to write refernce number for christianity aswell yet told me not to do it again,but it was put in my Islam booklet and dont they mark questions individually so wont my grade go down im really worried about this,should I speak to my exam officer and will it affect my grade thankyou?Sorry this is really hard to understand reading back on this but help would be apreciated thankyou!
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