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UK FY1 job

I'm a final year medical student in Prague, about to graduate in a few months (if everything goes well). I wasn't planning on applying to UK for foundation year training, but this year, I have been thinking more about it. As of now, I'm planning on doing a clinical attachment in UK after graduation. At the moment, I can admit that I don't really have much experience in teaching or research, or even leadership positions. I do have some experience in volunteering for a few teaching workshops and some private tutoring for junior medical students, however it's not a lot compared to my peers. All I have is some internship experience in various hospitals in Prague and a scholarship that I received in my 5th year of studies. I may receive another one this year, if everything goes well. I know I don't have an impressive CV as some of my peers do. Will a clinical attachment or attachments in UK really help me in finding a FY1 job? I've been very exhausted thinking and overthinking everything. I feel like I won't really get a job anyway, and it's quite a depressing thought. Some help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post :frown:

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