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year 12 psychology help

can anyone who’s applied to uni for psychology recommend any super/extracurriculars which will help with personal statements and uni applications?
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You can do a course in places like courser (for free) in the subject. You can mention that you are doing this on your UCAS (or did it). You can put two exrtacurriculars on your UCAS. Make sure though, that your personal statement is really PERSONAL. You need to keep it formal, nice, short, crisp and within the given characters. Do not write any cliche stuff or anything to flowery or dramatic or generic. Make it interesting. Tell them about you. What will you bring to the table (haha). Why do you want to be on the table? The best way for that is to do things that really interested you and made you feel passionate. For me it was specific books that related to psychology or that were from actual psychologists, psychiatrists or neuroscientists. I mentioned favourite things I learned about in the book, that made me feel immense curiosity and passion to go and finally study the nitty gritty so I can learn more in detail about all of this stuff myself. I did a course on courser cause I was interested in that topic. I also did something not really related to psychology, but that was more like a skill or experience that would help me in my life no matter what I do. Those are things they want to know as well. What are things you did in life that gave you skills. Skills that you can apply anywhere. Like our teacher said there was a woman who did a part time job totally unrelated to psychology, but she learned something valuable in that job she linked in a creative way to how it would help her as a psychologist. If you know, also mention a specific area of psychology you are most curious about and why now. Anyway, these are some stuff I remember from writing my personal statement and filling out UCAS.

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