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how I can get better grades

How can Get better grades when I am averaging 3s
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If this is for GCSEs, then do past paper questions for subjects like English, history, etc. and watch YouTube videos to revise the content. For sciences and maths, start with YouTube videos on the topics and then go to a website called 'physics and maths tutor' where you can do free topic exam-style questions. But if you're on 3s, I'd say focus on learning the content and udnerstanding it, and your best bet now is YouTube. Good luck!
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When revising for papers that have lots of essay style questions in them (such as English business geography history philosophy etc) make sure to learn how to structure your answers to each question, this will allow you to make the most out of what you do know and pick up some extra marks by just waffling when you don’t actually know. For math questions (in maths and sciences and perhaps business) watch YouTube videos and use flashcards

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