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I need to choose physics or biology to go with geography (and maybe psychology)...

I definitely want to do geography and I think I've decided not to do maths, but psychology instead (very different, I know). Without maths, I began considering physics rather than biology as I'd planned.
So, the options are basically:
- Biology, maths and geography.
- Biology, psychology and geography.
- Physics, psychology and geography.
it really depends on a) what you enjoy most and are best at, b) what career youre looking for, and c) what you want to study at uni and the a level requirements for your chosen course.

what are you planning on doing in the future?
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I'd love to do something for the planet - why I love geography - it's quite vague, but yeah.
I'm interested in psychology, so thought that would be alright.
I'm a bit scared of A-level maths. I'm not particularly bad at maths, more worried about how much harder it'll be than GCSE. The whole difficulty level jump definitely applies to physics too.
I think I'm better at biology than physics, as in understanding it, but the amount of writing there would be, especially with psychology, could be a bit wordy for me because I'm pretty dreadful at spellings a lot of the time and lean more towards numbers.

Sorry, that's a ton of info 😅

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